Please donate to help cover the cost of cleaning up and fixing the fire & smoke damage in our Scentmeup Hobby Shed

WELCOME TO SCENTMEUP HOBBY SHED, Check out the new product at the bottom of the page. :)

Hi, my name is Sandy Amrein.

My Hubby and I own Scentmeup Hobby shed. 

He takes care of the RC Biz.

I take care of the scented items and Buggygobyebye.

I Give away most of the items that I make, just to make people happy.

I am disabled and am on SSI, so I can't afford to do this on my own, so Scentmeup depends on sales and donations to keep going.

NEW!! Now available - Pay what you Want.

Only products in the FEATURED COLLECTION  qualify.

The way it works..  There is a minimum price, plus a box that says "Pay what you want", that is where you put the amt that you want to add to the min price.  The extra amt will help fix the fire/smoke damage in our Scentmeup Hobby Shed and help cover the costs of all of the air fresheners that I give away.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a blessed day.

Located in Cedar Hill

Please call or text for an in-person appointment

Sandy - 314-607-3098

or email at