Please donate to help cover the cost of cleaning up and fixing the fire & smoke damage in our Scentmeup Hobby Shed


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Hi, my name is Sandy Amrein.

My Hubby and I own Scentmeup Hobby shed. 

Mark takes care of the RC part of the business and I take care of the scented items and Buggygobyebye.

I Give away most of the items that I make, just to make people happy.

I am disabled and am on SSI, & I can't afford to do this on my own, so Scentmeup depends on sales and donations to keep going.

NEW!! Now available - Pay what you Want.

Only products in the FEATURED COLLECTION below qualify.

The way it works..  There is a minimum price, plus a box that says "Pay what you want", that is where you put the amt that you want to add to the min price. 

This will help fix the fire/smoke damage in our Scentmeup Hobby Shed and help cover the costs of all of the air fresheners that I give away.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a blessed day.

Located in Cedar Hill

Please call or text for an in-person appointment

Sandy - 314-607-3098

or email at